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  • Cush Drive configuration

    Hi All, I'm replacing the Cush drive rubbers on my bike for the first time and I have a couple quick questions to ask. This is the first time I have taken the rear wheel off, so bear with me.


    My bike is a NT400 Bros, but the rear end is the same as the NT650. When I pulled the Cush Drive apart, the rubbers weren't in good shape.


    The schematic for the rear wheel shows 2 pieces inside the Cush drive between the final drive flange (11) and the hub (15). A collar and an O-ring.

    Cush Drive Components.jpg

    When I took mine apart, there was a 3mm collar, but no O-ring. My investigations have suggested that a 52mm x 2mm O-ring is what's missing. Can someone confirm this please? The below pic is the Cush drive back together without the 3mm Collar in there.


    My second question is what, if any, difference will it make to the bike if the collar and O-ring are not in there? When I put the drive back together, the collar is 'floating' around in there.

    Cush Drive.JPG

    My final question is how exactly do the Collar and O-ring go in there? Are they meant to squash against each other? Does the O-ring go around the collar? Do they both sit loosely on top of the bearing? Doesn't make a lot of sense to me, but I'm not a mechanic, so be gentle.

    Thanks for your assistance

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    Franky, Look at this diagram, 2Fimages%2F13%2F13-8-img03.jpg&imgrefurl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.hawkgtfo iXkImvzq3yAhU7DbcAHVQ9C-EQMygCegQIARA5..i&docid=wq3b9QMvgn-ZCM&w=753&h=468&q=nt650%20cush%20drive UKEwiXkImvzq3yAhU7DbcAHVQ9C-EQMygCegQIARA5 it has the Oring closest to the drive spindle which makes more sense to me. I think it has been put there to stop grease coming of the spline and going onto the cush rubbers.???


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      last link not working , try this. page 13-8.

      VFR shows the same way.


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        The big o-ring fits around the inner,between the two to keep dirt out.The inner collar just keeps space,keeping them from binding.


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          3mm collar MUST be in place or things will go wrong as it may maintain proper crush pressure to secure bearings.........i believe, maybe ?
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            Hi Team, thanks for your feedback and details. I have purchased said O-Ring and it fits snuggly inside the hub as suggested. The 3mm collar must be designed to act as a spacer of sorts (as BTT said), even though it doesn't make hard contact with either the bearing centre or the final drive flange. I'm just waiting for new Cush Rubbers to get delivered and I can reassemble everything. Thanks again.

            O-ring Fitment.jpg


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              Originally Posted by squirrelman
              3mm collar MUST be in place or things will go wrong as it may maintain proper crush pressure to secure bearings.........i believe, maybe ?
              All that. I bet JD can quote NomenClature on it.