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    So I've decided to go for some classic Ducati 3 spoke wheels on my NT project and after looking around on here I can see I have 3 options. In short modify the original hub and axle, or replace the entire hub and axle using either a 748 or 848 hub. If you go down the 748 route you need to enlarge it and if you go 848 you need to smallen it. Now I've never had much luck enlarging things so with that in mind and the fact 848 hubs appear to be more readily available I bought one.

    As soon as it arrived I wasn't sure how its possible to fit it. The hub is 112mm OD and needs to be 105mm OD, now making it that size isn't a problem I've got a sharp hammer but my concern is the amount of material that would be left in the side wall. Using my finger calipers it didn't feel particularly thick past the bearing holes so more investigation was needed. Now this isn't the easiest thing to measure due to its internal and external shape but with the bearings out and with a bit of give or take I made the castings wall 3mm at its thinnest and 4mm at its thickest (there are the machined sections at 112mm and the cast middle is a roughly 1mm step and this is the thinnest).

    Now accepting that my maths isn't the greatest that gives me a 0.5mm side wall. Now this doesn't seem to be that thick considering the job the part is doing. And allowing for possible error in my measurements of +- 0.5mm worse case I don't have any sidewall, best case I have very little and most likely somewhere in between. So considering there are some who have done this mod, I'm wondering where I've gone wrong?

    However I've had an idea... The hub I have is taken from a 2015 Streetfighter 848 and I checked the part number and it is shared by earlier model 848's as confirmed via But I've been looking around and my hub has a part number cast into it "75630081A" but I can see other other hubs with "75630071A". What I am thinking is that the earlier models may have a thicker sidewall and at some point Ducati changed the supplier or the design slightly that has resulted in a difference hence the change in numbers.

    I'm wondering if someone with the mod would be so kind as to confirm the cast part number on their hub and the final wall thickness of their hub?

    Alternatively I'm open to ridicule and or suggestions of where my mistake is, thanks.