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Led/digital speedometer swap

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  • Led/digital speedometer swap

    So i am at the point in my build where I would like to start modernizing the Hawk so it competes with the looks of modern day naked bikes. I purchased a rear cowl and subframe from a 2011 NSF250 (sorry if I got the name if the bike wrong) but after its installed, this will be a main feature for setting it apart from the other builds I have seen.

    But i want to add a fully digital speedometer and wanted to know if there was anybody in the forum that has done a swap like this before. What brand speedo did you use? Will it run off the stock speedo cable the hawk has? does that hawk even HAVE a speedo cable? This is the first time that I have ever torn a bike all the way down and rebuilt it including painting all the covers, engine, and frame. but this isn't absolutely necessary to complete the build, it just didn't come with any speedo on it when I got it. and now that I have the opportunity to put whatever I want onto the bike, I wanted to get some feedback as to which ones you guys have used and what steps are needed in order to install it.

    I hope this can start a thread as well for other riders who have a similar idea to be able to come and view the convo as well.

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    Do a search for Koso, Trailtech, and/or Acewell. A bunch of members have done this.

    Will the NSF subframe fit without mods?
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      Everything you need to know to install a Trailtech.

      Trail Tech Vapor Wiring Guide 2018 - Honda Hawk GT Forum
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        If you were looking for a support group you're barking up the wrong tree. This place is fulla enablers dude. - Shooter77us

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          Originally Posted by Talon
          Do a search for Koso, Trailtech, and/or Acewell. A bunch of members have done this.

          Will the NSF subframe fit without mods?
          When I spoke to the gentleman that owns the place I got it from, he said he hasn't ever tried it. However, Aaron Colton from redbull did it so why cant I? I am just surprised that he even had a rear cowl on hand. I believe that you have to purchase the subframe meant for the cowl as well as the fittings, however the subframe should just bolt onto the frame of the hawk. it just is higher than the stock subframe.


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            I really appreciate the link you sent. I wish I had more time to dig into the forum but work takes too much of my time If there is any other information someone would like to add I would super appreciate it!