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HELP whats causing this Wierd Noise

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    HELP whats causing this Wierd Noise

    Since I've had my hawk every once in awhile it will make a noise that sounds like cavitation in the water pump, i flushed the system but it didn't help. If you shake the bike it stops the noise and on I go.

    Today there was another noise, most likely related and similar in sound except its a much higer rpm wine and it takes a much more vigorous shake to stop the noise (cant stop it while in motion). I'm afraid it sounds like the water pump bearing is on the way out but I'm not positive. Does this sound familiar to anyone out there? How fuct would I be if the pump siezes?



      Strange Noise

      I had a strange noise which took forever to find. Maybe not yours, but what the heck? When I revved the engine, or cruised at certain RPMs the sound would appear. I swore it was coming from the engine.

      I had always used a rather large tankbag. The weight pushed the tank down enough that the bottom seam of the tank cut through the rubber bumpers that isolate the gas tank from the frame rails. They are located 5 or 6 inches back from the steering head, if you follow the frame rails back.

      The rubbers actually stayed in place and the damage couldn't be seen from the outside. It wasn't till I took the tank off and the rubbers fell on the floor instead of sticking to the tank seam, in pieces that I realized they were cut.

      The bumpers are about $2.50 each and I bought several spares. No more noises.

      Good luck.
      Ride Safe!