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VFR rear wheel conversion

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  • VFR rear wheel conversion

    Winter is rapidly approaching in Wisconsin and I want to use the downtime to customize my hawk. I made the mistake? of looking at the HOTM thread and it gave me a ton of ideas and inspiration. Anyways I found an 08 r6 complete front and 5 spoke VFR rear from the same seller I want to purchase. However it’s a long haul and they won’t ship so I want to try and get everything i need at once. I know I’ll want the axle, wheel, rotor, caliper, and master. Am I missing anything? Recommendations/advice are welcome!

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    If you have a Hawk spindle modified, you don't need anything else but the wheel for the rear.

    Well, since that other thread is a bit off topic (which is fine) and long in the tooth - plus it has an aging out thread title, firing one up again here. Options are Ducati mods, 85mm mods (VFR400 wheels), 4 lug mod (VFR750/800) and possibly some lightening mods. NOTE: Feel free to leave your drive pins in, and I'm happy to
    "I couldn't afford NOT to buy it!"


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      Great news thanks