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    Hi folks,

    I'm looking at switching to a Super Trapp exhaust from my current setup. I'm trying to figure out a few things and hoping a few of you Super Trapp vets can help me out. I'm attaching a picture below of what my ideal setup would look like.

    1) Is there a particular series of Super Trapps that I need to be purchasing from to work with my Hawk? I'm looking for a longer one as pictured.
    2) Besides the can itself, what do I need to adapt it to the Hawk?
    3) How does one mount a Super Trapp? I would like to keep my passenger pegs intact so as to be able to bring folks along on rides with me.

    Thank you for all your help!

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    Lot's written in the forum, search around and you'll find many answers.

    No longer sold as a system from supertrapp, you can cobble together a system from parts or find a member to sell you complete existing system for one of our 30+ year old bikes.


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      I go back and forth between a Trapp & M4. I am currently running the Supertrapp.

      Here is the info on installation. However, as Ssnead mentioned, that's assuming you can find one.
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        Looks like you have the full supertrapp system? I have a full supertrapp system with a slighly different exhaust on mine. The exhaust was smashed. I had to cut the exhaust off and I bought the 422-20000. I still have to add the hanger off the passenger pegs, but it fits and sounds nice. Keeps it as full supertrapp system, and the price was hard to beat. Maybe a Tyga can would have been close to the same price.


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          I have 3