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Tightening the flywheel bolt

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  • Tightening the flywheel bolt

    Hi All, I have overhauled an engine and it is time to tighten the flywheel bolt, I would normally put a rag in the primary gears to hold the flywheel still while tightening the flywheel bolt but I do not want to damage the crankshaft with all that torque. Is there another safer way to hold the flywheel still or shall I just get a flywheel holding tool? Thanks Ian

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    All that torque?
    The crank takes a LOT more torque on every rotation. You'll be fine.


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      I can't remember what I did when I did this last, probably locked the primary gears with a piece of brass. I’ve sometimes found using the rag idea that the cloth gets drawn into the mesh. The job that I used one of those flywheel holding tools was to tighten the clutch centre nut - that was the one that I found troublesome.


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        Thanks for the replies, I will do as suggested