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Bearings going bad?

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    Bearings going bad?

    I heard a sound that could be a bearing getting ready to go bad, does anyone out there know if any of the engine bearings are more succeptible to failure than others? i.e. if you hear a bearing going bad its probably this one...

    I hope this isn't whats causing the noise I've heard but I'll probably put a magnet on the oil drain plug to keep an eye out for debris in the oil. Anyone know what kinds of magnets are good for this?

    mag on the oil drain plug is less likely to pick up as much particulate as on the filter. oil is forced through filter rather than the random amounts that would pass close enough to the drain plug to be caught. rare earth magnets are strong fairly cheap magnets that you can usualy find in arts and craft stores, put a few around the filter, than wrap a large hose clamp around them to help keep them put.
    This does mean that you'll have to let the filter drain completely with the magnets still attached, then hacksaw it open to inspect. but i've successfully done this in the past on cars, so I don't see why it wouldn't work on a bike.
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      bearings are made of soft metals like copper, brass, tin, and sometimes coated...

      so shavings from them wont be picked up with a magnet. if you're collecting steel on a magnet, its already too late. LOL.


        oh, and to look at your filter, get a pipe cutting tool.

        its like a can opener deal.. it has a sharp wheel, and a couple rollers.. you tighten the wheel on it and spin it around the filter.

        then you can pull out the paper media and look at it.

        or, instead of a pipe cutting tool, you can get a filter cutter, but they generally cost twice as much, or more.... and they're the same thing.


          Its wierd, happened again this morning a couple of times, varies with engine rpms and will usually stop if I lean into a slow turn or stop and shake the bike. I have no idea how to determine which bearing this is, if that is in fact what it is.


            sounds to me like it might be your clutch making the noise, most Hawks have some clatter. I thought I had a bearing going as well, but discovered it to be the clutch discs clattering.
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              I have had some trouble with the clutch. In the mornings when it's really cold the clutch wouldn't engage all the way and it would be tough to shift. I adjusted the slack at the handlebar and that helped. Normally when its cold the clutch clatters a little while warming up but it sounds slow compared to engine rpm and its definitely not audible on the road.

              Was the noise your clutch made kind of a medium-high pitch whine or whirring noise?

              If it is the clutch and the noise only occurs sporadically then what does that mean as far as what I need to do maintenance wise?

              Thanks for the help guys!