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    Hi All,

    In renovating my Honda Hawk I’ve had a bitch of a time with the front brake. Cleaned up the rear, put fresh fluid in, bled it, maybe 30 mins.

    With the front I wanted to upgrade the caliper but keep the stock single rotor so I got one of the Brembo billet adapters and found a 749 4 pot caliper. Upgraded the hose to a new Hel part and off I went. Got absolutely nowhere with no pressure in the system. I’ll add that I split the Brembo caliper (some people say this is a no no) and cleaned it, installed fresh seals and pistons as the original ones were a bit pitted. So I was starting dry.

    Finally I realised that the master cylinder was a tad Fubar and even trying a new rebuild kit still saw fluid leaking from the bore.

    So I tried one from a 1998 Honda Hornet which runs a 14mm piston vs. the 12.7mm for the Hawk. Now I appreciate bigger isn’t always better in terms of master cylinder piston diameter but it was much easier to find than a Hawk one and cheaper so worth a go.

    Fitted and bled it through and now it feels pukka.

    The reason I picked the 1998 Hornet was because it has a similar mirror mount (same thread size as stock) and the lever span is adjustable so it’s a trade up on the Hawk lever.
    So just a (long winded) heads up that the CB600F Hornet master cylinder is a suitable upgrade. Of course I haven’t tried it with the original caliper.

    Marky Mark

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    Is the 98' Hornet MC 14mm or 16mm (5/8 in)? I thought the Hornet was the same as the CBR F4 (5/8 in).
    ASMA #139


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      Originally Posted by Talon
      Is the 98' Hornet MC 14mm or 16mm (5/8 in)? I thought the Hornet was the same as the CBR F4 (5/8 in).
      David Silver Honda Sparea In the UK lists it as 14mm

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