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Master cylinder / Brembo caliper query

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  • Master cylinder / Brembo caliper query

    Hi All,

    So I have swooped the standard Hawk caliper for a 4 pot Brembo off a Ducati 748. This has 4 equal sized 34mm pistons.

    I had a faulty Hawk master cylinder which I swooped for a 1998 Honda Hornet version which runs a 14mm piston vs. the 12.7mm of the Hawk.

    The braking action is very firm (which I like) but you have to exert a lot of effort to get the bike to stop. I calculated the ratio to be 11.8 : 1

    With a Hawk master cylinder the ratio is 14.4 : 1. The lever travel is a little too long for me when bled but to be fair I haven’t tried it on the road yet. I have used the adjustable lever off the Hornet instead of the Hawk and it’s nearly how I like it but not quite.

    So my question is / are ;

    Anyone else running this type of set up ie Brembo 4 pot

    Any tips about how I could improve this (firmer lever feel?)

    Thanks for any help.

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