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Hawk fuel lines.

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    Hawk fuel lines.

    Silly me, selling a set of fuel hoses a few years back thinking that I wouldn't find another bike for sale. Now I have a 1991 bike with 7500 miles on it and the fuel lines are getting a bit tatty around the ends. Has anyone come up with alternatives for Honda's bundle of snakes fuel hose system?

    Plain fuel line works. For complicated turns, there is this

    The only place it is a bit trickier is the petcock needs a bigger size and it tapers down. I think most people just stretch the 1/4" to fit.
    Brian - Richland, WA
    1991 Hawk GT
    1997 VFR



      Thanks for the link to the pre-bent hose!

      When I went to standard fuel line, I changed fuel filter to avoid the large barb on OEM.


        Great link for the curved hose. I found 5/16" from the same company.

        Good suggestion on the filter, too.



          The fuel pump and petcock and carb inlet tee are all 5/16". To make it really simple, get a 5/16" filter and make all the lines one size.

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