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  • Jetting question

    Quick general knowledge jetting question. For reference, I have a full ST exhaust with Shorty can, 10 or 12 plates IIRC, and Unipods. Home altitude is ~2200'.

    I have rejetted, and while I am content with my overall fueling performance, I do have one nagging (small) issue. When downshifting from hwy speed (higher revs), rolling off the throttle to a stop then idling (as waiting for a light to change), my exhaust smells very fuel-ey and rich, like I still have the choke on. Off the top of my head I can't remember if I upped the pilot jet when rejetting. I get about 110mi to a tank. I guess I'm wondering if this is normal for others, and if not, am I relegated to pulling my carbs out and down-jetting the pilot? Maybe I can amend this by dialing in my mixture screw?

    When I get home I'll check my notes and come back with my jetting specs.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Mine is a little rich at idle, seems to run better that way. I would try closing down the mixture screws a bit first before going to the trouble of pulling the carbs.
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      ^^^ I 2nd the option to try to turn in the air/fuel mixture screws first to see the result.


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        110 miles to a tank isn't terrible. I've experienced a few Hawks that get a little better but you gotta figure that is still around 44 mpg if you are just talking about the main tank and that is probably the top end of mpg's on a Hawk. The fuel smell could be a couple of things (might be a valve adjustment or may just be a side effect of the shorty muffler).
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