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Refreshing plastic panels

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  • Refreshing plastic panels

    I am working on bringing an old Honda back to life it has been stored for 15 years or so and the paintwork on the plastic side panels and tail section had become very dull compared to the tank.

    I tried several products that frankly were not worth the price tag or were too abrasive. I was given a tip to try a product used by serious concors show guys in the UK it's called prodriver Scratch Away it's a micro fine polishing paste that has a similar action to a clay bar but a lot less hassle to use.

    A couple of hours and the panels/tail IMG_20220706_163222423.jpg IMG_20220706_163251450.jpg IMG_20220706_163209791.jpg 16571229975962166569992116541020.jpg 16571231193768882101995038011268.jpg
    have come up good as new

    It won't remove scratches despite the name but it will remove that dull finish that comes from weather or poor storage.

    It's a UK product but the ingredients are Diatomaceous earth, liquid parafinum and Bentonite clay and I assume would be a universally available product under many names. Unlike T-cut, Meguirs and many other scratch removers this doesn't take a layer of paint off and theirs no nasty solvents.

    Next I am going to have a go at the black plastic parts. Blenheim Palace concors d'elegance here I come

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    Well that's cool. Looks great.

    Always nice when you find a new product that actually works and works well.

    Don't spend money and buy, spend time and learn.


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      Thanks for posting! Great to have personal endorsements and realistic expectations on products.