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Starving For Fuel Except On Reserve

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  • Starving For Fuel Except On Reserve

    I have just finished my "deferred maintenance" (valve adjustment, spark plugs, coolant change, new fan thermo switch, air filter stock replacement, new tires) and was taking the bike to get gas and a run to warm up before changing the oil & filter.

    It ran fine to the gas station, with the petcock on reserve. I filled up with premium (as usual) and turned the petcock to "on". I cruised about 8 miles at 40-50mph, then I did a loop through a park (about a mile) at 20-25mph. Pulling back onto the main road, I rolled on the throttle, and it hesitated and generally started to act like it was running out of gas. I moved the petcock back to reserve, and it rather slowly started to run move smoothly. I seemed to take a long time (1-2 miles) before it was running okay.

    I'd had a similar situation years ago, but it stopped misbehaving and cured itself after a while.

    Any suggestions as to what might be up?


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    petcock filter screen is clogged maybe...


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      If not the screen, rebuild the Petcock -easy DIY - there's a few kits - look up the thread, I've done it on a couple of 30 year old bikes.


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        BTW, the old screen tend to swell and are a bear to remove - if you drain the tank and let it dry out for a couple of days, easy out.


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          Originally Posted by Superdukerider
          petcock filter screen is clogged maybe...
          almost certainly
          "It's only getting worse."

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            Thanks, all!

            Will investigate & report findings!


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              This happens on GL1000's, if you do not use RES on the petcock all the time, it seals shut, so to keep RES you use it instead of ON and you loose the ON side. You can clean it and it will happen again in a few months so all us GL1000 guys run in RES and use our Trip meters religiously. Not to say the Hawk has the same issue just that a plugged side of a petcock can happen and cause you the grief you are describing.