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Clutch needs constant adjustment

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  • Clutch needs constant adjustment

    Title says it all except for HELP PLEASE. My 1990 only has about 15k miles on it. When I went through all the maintaince I decided to replace the cables. I didn't pull the clutch cover to check the plates because it had such low miles. Now when I go riding the lever gets slack which is normal I suppose due to the heat. After my ride and after it cools down, my lever does not return to the original free play so I have to adjust it. Now the cable is almost completely out of adjustment at both sides. The clutch doesn't slip at all which is what I thought would be the indicator of a worn out clutch. However it is 22 years old. Do you thing it's just a lousy cable where the outer case is compressing or do I have other clutch issues ?

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    Oh to add to this, I'm running Shell Rotella T6 15-40 and the oil did not look dirty or smell like burnt plates on the last change.


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      Maybe a problem with the routing of the cable?
      Brian - Richland, WA
      1991 Hawk GT


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        I would dive in and take a look at the plates.

        Don't get me started on Rotella. The worst shifting bike I ever rode, which happened to be a Hawk, ran Rotella consistently.
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