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Painting Fork Lowers

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  • Painting Fork Lowers

    Painted my fork lowers with Rust-oleum high heat ultra. I'm pretty happy with the results and wanted to share if anyone is thinking about doing it. I had to replace seals and bushings so I had the forks completely apart, which made them easy to paint. A very light sanding of the weathered varnish top coat then I sprayed the legs three times, relatively quickly. I finished them off with Showa clear deals that they use on motocross bikes for extra protection, The clear decal wraps almost all the way around the tube.
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    That did turn out nice!

    The last set I painted I used appliance enamel because it sets up a hard surface, but the decals are a good idea.

    I suppose these days you can probably just vinyl wrap them and not even mess with paint. Hmmm, maybe I'll play with some ridiculous colors that way and see how they work out. Or maybe I should just get better at photoshop.


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      Nice, they look great. I use VHT chassis epoxy on lowers when blacking them out. poor mans powder and they hold up great. Silver I've used the appliance epoxy and they have also held up well.


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        I've used the Krylon brand with a shiney chrome cap that comes out a brilliant aluminum finish when dry. Not sure you can find it anymore but I used it on other things like the rear brake bar and bracket as well as the cush drive cover. It's held up really well.
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