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Small amount of oil coming from air box tube.

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  • Small amount of oil coming from air box tube.

    Wondering what's going on? When I rode my Hawk pretty hard the other day, and about 200-250 miles. I noticed a small amount of clean motor oil had came out of tube coming from air box. The next day it did it again with spirited riding, but not bouncing off rev-limiter. A few days cruising around home area, did not produce oil. 37,000 miles, valves sound like they are tapping just a little, I will check them. Oh, just changed oil and filter and dipstick read on the high mark. K&N filter with many holes drilled into vertical sides of air box top. ???

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    Did you oil the filter? We have been down this road to find it was an excess of filter oil that was the culprit.

    And I know on a lot of bikes, motors in general they can push some oil if over filled and/or road hard. That's what the tube is for. But I've never had a hawk with an airbox so I can't attest.

    I had a bike that was pushing oil due to rings that didn't seat. But that wasn't pushing a little, it was pushing a LOT after a couple laps.
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      Thanks, I never oil a street air filter. It was only about a 1/2ounce each day. It is so hard to come off riding my street triple and then riding Hawk properly. RPM's mean power on triple, but throttle twist means power on Hawk. I trailer a couple hundred miles from where I live, to ride a lot. Just wanted to stay in front of a, maybe. problem. I am going to keep an eye on it, but with out panic now. I am not use to high mileage bikes.


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        Yeah if you are wringing out your Hawk regularly chasing after higher highway speeds you definitely consume oil. It would be nice if there was a way to make a catch can that dumps it back in. I wonder if you can make a dry sump setup on a Hawk motor? If you ride hard and take your airbox off it'll come out enough to where you should check your oil level really regularly, like maybe eve 3 or 4 tanks of fuel.
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