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Rear cylinder running hotter no overheating

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  • Rear cylinder running hotter no overheating

    It seems like my rear cylinder is running hotter than it used to. Bike had a stalling issue and warm tank that was recently fixed by clearing the tank vent. It has not stalled since then. Since that fix it seems like the rear is building up more heat I can feel on my right leg.

    Then one day after a 25 min casual ride at about 80 degrees I had some coolant (very little)on the ground when I came out of the store 10 min later. I swapped in a new radiator cap and added a bit of coolant and burped and have had no problems with that.

    It runs completely fine and the temp gauge is staying where it always is but it feels warmer on the right rear side than it used to.

    I know the rear gets warm coolant from the front. The fan kicks on fine. I am thinking possibly thermostat or water pump.

    Any thoughts or idea's.

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    If it is not overheating then I wouldn't overthink it. The exhaust is on the right side. if it is 10 degrees warmer outside it will fill warmer on the exhaust side... It's just your brain telling you your leg is hot.
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      Hopefully that's all it is. Thanks for easing my mind.
      I drove it pretty much daily for the last 3 summers and it just seems hotter than before but maybe I am over analyzing because of a few other minor issues I have had with it recently.
      Maybe it don't like the fancy Motul oil I put in this year.