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Dumb fuel tank questions

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  • Dumb fuel tank questions

    Ok getting the tank ready for mounting. Consulted the hawk manual and it just says reinstall lineS. Like it plural, but the illustration clearly shows one line. I've got a few questions(f2 tank mod) what do I do with these other two lines? I'm sure the fatter one is a overflow I think but the smaller one? The smaller one apperas to be the same size as a line coming off the Back of the fuel pump.Plug it? Plug BOTH? It appears that there is a breather/overflow hole up under and next to the fuel cap. Any help would be huge! Thanks to all for helping get this old girl back on the street!
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    You know the petcock. It's the largest one.

    The mid-sized one is the drain for around the fuel filler. It drains rain water and spilled fuel to the road vent. Since this is not a Hawk tank, the drain does not line up with the Hawk drain cup on the frame mount, so clamping a small piece of hose that is routed down with the other road vents is a good idea. If you over-fill the tank / spill when the motor is very hot you will effectively pour gasoline on a hot motor: it might be a problem.

    The smallest one is the tank vent that admits air to break the vacuum created by constantly draining fuel. This can be just left open. Fuel only comes out if the bike rolls upside-down.
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      Awesome man!!! Thank you soo much Parc!
      One step closer! All that's left is the fork springs and 15w oil dump n run and I'm riding!! Thanks again !!