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  • Alternative to stock bars

    Being a really old guy, I would like to find a set of bars that have a bit more of rise than the stock bars. Any ideas out there?? No don't want to change top clap, thanks. Something that will fit the stock tubes. Old guys with bad backs will understand.

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    ASMA #139


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      Try theseimage.jpg
      From a company called Bikermart


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        LSL clamps

        Changing the triple is no more difficult though


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          I face back issues, too. I found the stock Hawk’s position to be a little stressful on my back. My build used a 600RR USD front end and i was fortunate to have a custom top triple to accommodate riser bars (thanks to wildwhl ) in the top pic.

          The second pic shows risers added to a CB-1 build I did a while back. Memory doesn’t serve me well, but it was either a stock CB-1 or a F2 upper. Plenty of meat to bore holes to add the riser mounts. Of course, you then have the issue of shortening the stantions (and internal spacers) to maintain the stock front end geometry.

          Adding ‘Geezer Knees’ jump plates to the foot controls of the Hawk moved my feet ever so slightly down and back which helped not only with my back, but my knees as well.

          So there are adjustments that can be made, you just need to figure the best approach for you. If you don’t have machining capabilities available to you, some of the other ideas above may serve you better…

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