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Looking for a camshaft - Hord #9 or 174 x8

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    Looking for a camshaft - Hord #9 or 174 x8

    Hey everyone! New to the forum but have been a Hawk owner for almost 10 years. Decided to do a refresh on the engine and investigate what has been done to it. Previous owner told me it had been modified but didn't have specifics. Anyways, teardown last night revealed the infamous 174 x1 camshaft. Hoping to get my hands on a Hord 9 or 174 x8. Anyone have a lead on either of these? Or other recommendations? Doesn't need to be new, just in a usable condition. Thanks!

    I would start by reaching out to JD. Even if he doesnt have any he may be able to point you in the right direction.

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