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Honda Bros 650 swingarm / shock bolt fun

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  • Honda Bros 650 swingarm / shock bolt fun

    At the last MOT I got an advisory that the shock absorber lower bush had gone oval.

    Started soaking the swingarm bolt in plus gas about 9 months ago, then got on with the house reno.

    Would the bolt shift? Would it heck.
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      After trying heat, impact drivers, and bending the Allen socket above, I gave up and took it to a local car garage.
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        Success! Bolt out, but mangled.
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          90105MN8000 is NLA, and hasn’t been available for years.

          Unless anyone knows what grade it is (A2 stainless?), I’ll order the 1mm shorter bolt that’s been posted up before, 90110KY6000.

          Available from David Silver spares here in the UK.
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            I’ll replace the swingarm bearings (available as a kit from

            Have a look at the wheel bearings too?
            They’ve never been done.


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              Did you undo the top shock bolt first? Or was all your torque applied while the coil spring was still pushing down hard on that bolt?

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                The second. Only loosened the top shock bolt when it was time to take the swingarm off.


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                  Help requested! After cleaning up the three collars fitted to the swingarm, there is possibly some damage.

                  I'm referring to:
                  6: 52101MM2670
                  8: 52104MN8000
                  9: 52105KM4000


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                    Here are a couple of pictures that show the wear:

                    P/N 52101MM2670 shows clear imprint of the collapsed needle roller bearing (31):​​

                    IMG_9178 with arrows.jpg


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                      And the bearing:

                      IMG_9180 with arrow.jpg


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                        The question is, would you trust these parts?

                        IMG_9179 with arrows.jpg

                        IMG_9177 with arrows.jpg
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                          OK, so an update:

                          6: 52101MM2670 - DS has none available. Wemoto does. Ordered one. Which they cancelled as NLA.
                          8: 52104MN8000 - NLA. I am going to a machine shop tomorrow with mine. If anyone needs one, can they please let me know asap. I will post prices.
                          9: 52105KM4000 - NLA. " " "​

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                            Not that anyone seems that interested, but 8 and 9, made in 316 will cost me 30 together.

                            6 is hardened steel and I think would be about 60.


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                              Humbug, interesting, my local machine shop( in Yorkshire) would do them for same price. Just asked him as I’m getting some other stuff from him.