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NTV 650 Revere into Hawk GT donor frame

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  • NTV 650 Revere into Hawk GT donor frame

    Hey guys, new here. Just picked up a NTV650 on the cheap. It runs and stops and does everything it should just fine. My main gripe is that it is quite unpleasant on the eyes. The question that I have, is will the NTV motor and shaft drive swingarm all bolt straight into the Hawk frame or will it require bulk fabrication work?


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    In all the years I've lurked on here I can't say I recall anyone tackling that particular frame swap, which perhaps accounts for the slow response rate.

    Given Honda and manufacturing commonalities is seems very probable to work, but I am solely talking out of my third point of contact on that with no experience to offer.

    I will be very curious to see a shaft-drive Hawk though if you forge ahead!


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      I think your issue will be down in what I like to call the Hawk crotch. The area where the chain drive and swingarm passes through is probably going to be quite different than what you would get with the shaft drive setup, I believe. I've never stared at photos of the ntv setup from that angle enough to say for sure though.
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