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Clutch release shaft oil seal, please help

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  • Clutch release shaft oil seal, please help

    I have an NTV650 but the ntv forum is deader than dead so I figured i would throw a bone here and see.

    I ordered the new seal as mine was puking oil on longer rides.

    i figured it would be a simple pull it out- tap it in situation

    Now i find myself ordering a new seal because i have absolutly butchered the one I ordered trying to get it in.

    I am in the middle of a valve adjustment, clutch, carb clean, and regular maintenance over haul and i really didn't see this headache coming.

    when i compare the old seal i see that the metal ring is smaller than then one i have, are there two sizes here?

    does anyone know if there it a press or a tool i am supposed to be using? I used pipe, socket, copious amounts of oil and all the patience I had for the next month.

    ah, i hope you hear my soul dying through the forum. I now see OIL SEAL 12X18X5 and OIL SEAL,12X20X5​ and OIL SEAL 12X18X5

    This has now prompted a lot of self reflection and questioning of mechanical and technical ability.

    im going to go stare at a wall for a bit.
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    Skoda Octavia mkII FL
    1992 Honda NTV650
    1986 Honda NT650
    Skoda Octavia mk4
    1998 Suzuki Bandit 600S

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    Yes I see the same as you, 2 sizes for the bros / hawk 12x18x5 for the L model which I believe is the internal oil feed to the cylinder head motor and 12x20x5 for the j and k external oil feed, I believe this to be correct, I do not know about the NTV, as for fitting I cannot help but I have changed them before with no problem