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Prototyping some new cowl savers ...

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  • Prototyping some new cowl savers ...

    Since there's been some interest lately, and more importantly since SendCutSend will now do joggle bends, I drew up a new cowl saver design that, like Bill's, adds a tie-down ring. I'm curious what the community thinks. This is a 2" ID ring. Might be a little larger than I intended.

    Original design:

    New design in package:

    New design on bike with cowl installed:

    I mean, do we even need this tie-down hook? Maybe I should just make more of my original design ...
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    What you made is fine for those wanting a mount for the cowl and a hook for tie down. You do good work having not started with a chunk of metal. Machined ones look nice too.

    I have had the cut off passenger peg brackets on my bike for a while and it looked less cluttered that way. I never ride with a passenger, but I put the stock passenger pegs back on my Hawk. Reason is I have a set of saddlebags with under seat passage that I use on long day rides so I can carry a few things. The bags are just the right size to actually rest on the passenger pegs which will reduce the load on the seat cowl and offers more stability, so they don't flap in the wind. I have also reinforced the tabs on the cowl. They are not always on the bike but the passenger pegs will remain on.

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      Good design,tie down hook could be optional,well done.I run with a Ventura carrier and Bills cowl savers.