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Cam chains and tensioners.

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  • Cam chains and tensioners.

    Hello gents and the occasional lady,

    I'm currently in the process / semi process of breaking down an RC33 that has needed some love for a long time, super clean bike (0 rust on steel frame (rare)) but someone has not done due diligence.

    I'm at the point where i can dive down the rabbit hole or I can just let it be and chalk it up to wait the bike to eat it.

    I pulled the clutch and replaced it, springs, and i get to the valve adjustment and the maintenance on the front tensioner is sitting at 4.5/ 5 mm I cant get a clear view nor do I have calipers

    rear is fine.

    being such an easy task to get this far (clutch, coolant, drilling stuck plugs, carb rebuilds) and since I have all the time in the world to work on things like this being a father, can i get away with just ordering the front tensioner? or do a full chain and tensioner replacement on the front?, the rear is well within spec only showing 2mm. yes, i have read the forum post that say do both and just be done with it....

    im just knee deep and im just wondering if the 200 euros ill need to spend more for the replacement tensioner and chain is really worth it, yes, i know what happens if it skips a tooth, yes i know, but the bike was 1000 bucks with 40k miles 72 k kms on it plus the effort to re crack all of the cases..... im sitting at a nice 600 euro investment in replacement parts already ugh.. im already 6-10 hours into this (stuck stripped bolts and just general fume inhaling has led to distracted tasks such as repolishing the pipes ie. time waster extrodinare)

    question of the day, i have already found myself ordering the front tensioner and chain.

    do i need to do the rear as well if its still within spec? what is everyone's recommendations?

    Skoda Octavia mkII FL
    1992 Honda NTV650
    1986 Honda NT650
    Skoda Octavia mk4
    1998 Suzuki Bandit 600S