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Fork air gap when running F3 uppers in Hawk lowers

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  • Fork air gap when running F3 uppers in Hawk lowers

    Hi All,

    I know it’s down to personal preference but I wondered if anyone has any suggestions where to start on fork oil volume / air gap for F3 uppers running in Hawk lowers.

    Apparently the recommended air gap from the Honda F3 manual is 117mm (4.61” for you guys across the pond) from the top of the fork leg.

    I will be running #5wt because I’m light and the forks have KTech cartridges in them.

    as usual any help and advice is wholly appreciated

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    Hopefully you measured actual stroke and bottom out, so you can monitor that with a fork stroke indicator (or zip-tie). As it is a lot easier to fill more oil than take some out, I would suggest to start with a larger airchamber - eg. 140mm. If you search around here, you'll find values from 160mm to 120mm recommended.


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      Many thanks, I know you’re the font of all knowledge suspension-wise, so I’ll do exactly that and start with 140mm and then see how it goes. I didn’t bother with a ziptie on the unmodded forks as they were softer than a soft thing Thanks again for giving me a heads up