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Gasoline leak after sitting

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  • Gasoline leak after sitting

    During the winter, when I let the bike (1988 Hawk GT) sit a while and the float bowls dry out, I have a fuel leak which seems to be above the carbs.
    The parts drawing seems to show a simple plastic tee and rubber hoses. Am I correct ? Could the leak be there ?

    And why does the leaking stop after a day or 2 of having gasoline in the float bowls and the gas lines?

    Any ideas will help.


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    the float bowl gaskets may shrink while they're dry but swell up and seal again after a day or two of exposure to fuel. i've seen it many times. heat also swells the rubber, so getting it running for a few minutes will speed the process, but have a fire extinguisher standing by just in case.


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      What Jerry said,

      But also, its probably not a terrible idea to give the fuel system a refresh. New lines, new bowl gaskets.

      The problem likely will only get worse with time.
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        Can the float bowl gaskets be changed without removing the carbs from the bike ?

        I'm planning to change these fuel lines and replace the bowl gaskets. I might as well change to pods at that time.

        After a search of the forum, it looks like 7.5mm id tubing will work. I'll try to order some.

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