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Bike not starting. Electric works

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  • Bike not starting. Electric works

    Hello everyone I have an 88 honda hawk with at least 76k known miles
    Use for pleasure and my 30 min ride to work.
    been on about 6 rides this year so far.. heres the problem...
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    Sounds like the contacts on your right side controls may need refurbishing. There’s also a recent post about using an alternative switch.

    Headlight dimming indicates battery is dying. Although when you normally hit the starter, it cuts power to the headlight. Hawk needs a strong battery to start.
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      As above, check out your starter/kill switch, they often need a refurbishment. New battery!


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        might be helpful to check charging system output across battery terminals with engine running.
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          Yes it's got a new battery I'm going to look for the post about new switches


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            Ok so update I had time to mess with it...
            I wired the 2 wires together from the on off switch played with the shifter till the green light neutral came on and it started. Are the wires hurting anything?


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              And how about this
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                Originally Posted by Jamesv567
                And how about this
                These should work, but the plugs and wires positions in the plugs aren't always the same.
                So when you replace them, be careful and check that every single wire is correctly positionned, otherwise you may damage the harness. Keep the old ones so you can compare.
                You can remove the wires in the plug and change their position using a tiny flat screwdriver.

                It's not difficult to do, but you need to pay attention and take your time, it's a bit tedious. Post some pics here i you aren't sure and we'll try to help you.