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Keihin carb index / coding ?

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  • Keihin carb index / coding ?

    Hi All,

    I picked up a set of Bros 650 carbs last year and last weekend I started to take them apart to compare with my standard Hawk ones. I immediately noticed the carb spring diameter was smaller (and longer) and the needle retaining plate slightly different as well. They measure 36mm bore but I’m thinking they aren’t what they were labelled as possibly.

    I tried searching for a way of determining their origin by the carb coding on the carb itself but so far have drawn a blank. I wondered if anyone had any reference document that details Keihin carbs and their bike model application ?

    Attached is a pic of the carb code on the mystery carbs.


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    This is a list of all the Khein carb numbers but sadly no relation to what you have noticed and to be fair I did some digging once to figure out the model number but I can't remember it to save my life right now. It's pretty much the same carb as on the early Shadow Vtwins with carbs though
    88 Blue Hawk GT - Under construction but rideable (guest approved)
    89 BlackHawk 2.0 - On the lift and being assembled
    90 Hawk GT (color as to yet be determined) - Still on the shelf in crates