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carb insulator (boot) orientation

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  • carb insulator (boot) orientation

    Just finishing my first-ever carb cleaning (at least 16k+ miles; carbs were medium grungy: mostly pilot-jet occlusions as expected).

    I have brandy-new intake insulators ("boots"), and am wondering how to orient them. The flat end presumably goes toward the intake ports (heads), but exactly how do you orient the other, slanty end? If someone could advise at what o'clock (as looking at the stubs) the little u-shaped bumps should be at, that'd be really helpful; I'm dreading a wrestling match....


    --Danny (old guy in NH)

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    the u-shaped bumps match up with a projection on the carb to locate it in the best orientation.
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      Thx! Confirms what was slowly dawning on me...


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        How timely of a question. I am in the process of replacing the float bowl gaskets and was asking myself how to position the insolators if I install new ones. Gaskets and insolators on order from HordPower.


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          For clarity: the end with the U-shaped projection that's proud of one end of the boot goes down; it accepts a small post/spike on the intake-stubs. This locates the boot in the correct orientation; the carb end then takes care of itself. For the record, with the new boots lubed up with a thin smear of silicone grease, everything slid right in with only a brief tussle and the kind of creative language you can hear on any middle-school yard these days; no 4-letter neologisms required. Secondary tips: make sure to rotate all four clamps so you're SURE you can reach the screws with the tools on hand (a _really_ long Philips/JIS driver would be very handy) before you bung the carbs in place. And ABSOLUTELY re-bolt the throttle-cable bracket in place before replacing the carb assembly into the boots. AMHIK.

          All of this will have been obvious to the more observant Hawker, but some of us are slow learners....
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