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    Ok guys n gals,
    When I bought my Hawk, the dumbass had a twig( like no joke off a tree!) Shoved into the odometer/trip reset knob hole. So I was like ok ill just order a new knob and screw. I did, it came in and when I went to pull it out it was stuck, BAD. So I decided to remove the speedo outta the housing to replace the knob. When I finally got it out the twig had a big ass glob of silicone on the end and the plastic housing was busted. And of course all the numbers went giggling all over. So does anyone know where I can buy a used speedo, or another similiar model that I can use. I don't want vapor, or anything like that( love my gauges). Looked on Fleabay, and the other stuff. Any help wood(pun intended ) be awesome!

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    Someone will probably chime in with a used one. If not ebay is the haven of used parts.
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      Lemme check my stash. Should have some decent internals, but I haven't been thru the Hawk boxes for a while now...
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        PM sent
        Acta non verba

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          Pm'd back Ziggy


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            The previous owner probably, "Let me just stick something in there..."