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Hiperform tail section..

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    Hiperform tail section..

    anyone want to give me any tips they've discovered/found?

    i just got mine today:

    im excited and cant wait to see how it'll look...

    but i still need to figure out what to do for seat padding... (i want a thin-ish foam solution....)
    i need mounting bolts... im thinking large curved head allen head screws.. now i just need to find them. lol.

    i need to sand and finish the tail..... and now i dont know what to do for that... i mean i have a couple options.

    i could spraybomb (spray can) it satin black... cheap and looks decent for now..
    i could pay someone to paint it satin black or some cheap color... costs a little more, but still not big money..
    i could just wait and have someone paint the tail, tank, faring and fender all at once... but in the meantime, everything will be mismatched/bare.


    tastynuts sells aluminum dome head fasteners in many sizes and colors.

    opp racing sells very nice foam which I used on mine, you can cut, sand and drill it.

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      Originally Posted by ovlovder
      tastynuts sells aluminum dome head fasteners in many sizes and colors.

      opp racing sells very nice foam which I used on mine, you can cut, sand and drill it.
      thanks for the tip on the foam seat stuff.. that looks like exactly what i need.....


        Yep tastynuts i went with tie blue bolts and nuts. The pad i got from Rod i guess one of the last hrc one. My .02
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          The stuff is minicell foam. I used 3M spray adhesive to mount it. I used 1/4" on the seat and 3/4" between the subframe and seat to allow some movement and avoid cracking on hard points. I used two bolts with nylock nuts and fender washers to secure the seat to the subframe. I also used bushings through the seat to try and prevent tearing. My seat is modelling foam with a fiberglass overly and so far it has held up well (two trackdays).


            so, i started sanding on it tonight... theres a few lowspots in it that will look wavey if it was painted as-is...

            im new to this bodywork thing.... after sanding it with 320 grit sandpaper to knock down the rough texture and highspots, how should i fill the lowspots in?

            i was thinking about bondo.. i know thats the stuff alot of bodyshops use for this... but i dont know much about it.

            anyone have any links to a step by step or some guidelines?

            my other thought is that highbuild spray primer... but i dont know if that will fill in the low spots all the way.


              i recomend the liquid bondo over the past type the thicker stuff some times has semi hardend clumps and for filling holes thats ok but what you want is in a squeez bottle give me a few minutes and i will post a picture
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                if you cant find that brand just find something like it, goes on pretty smooth

                some work i did on my brothers bike

                man did that take forever
                the dark gray stuff was a flexable 2part sandable apoxy sets up in 10 min really nice stuff to work with can sand in 20 min
                then filled all the low spots with the bondo
                and body puddy cant forget that for the pin holes
                and i did use a few layers of filler primer has well
                sand between each step
                single stage dupont black with a $30 gun from harbor frieght

                "rinse and repeat" till you got what you want[/img]
                1988 & 1991 hawkgt, 2005 rc51


                  mine had a really poor gel coat that came off in chunks in places! but mainly gave a flaky finnish! all the rough parts i coated in polyester flo-coat which is basically a gel coat that you can paint on top! i sanded it between coats and even the deepest holes were leveled in just 3 coats! Ive just got to give it its final sand and then i shall prime it with etch-primer which really bonds into the surface!



                    heres some pics of the tail i snapped lastnight.
                    now normal light, you cant see anything this bad... i purposely put the ultrabright worklight 90* to the surface to cast a shadow over any height imperfections... without this light there, you have to run your hand over to feel the height change....
                    still... it needs to be leveled.

                    im still trying to decide on a color.. i may end up going to a bright honda-sh red, similar to the stock color of the bike.... and gloss white "number panels" on the back... i donno.. i change my mind constantly.
                    i love black, but its just not me... i think it looks killer... but i just cant see MY bike as being that way..

                    anyway, i'll have plenty of time to think about it... project is going to move slow from here on out..