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Race Tech cartridge emulator instructions

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    Race Tech cartridge emulator instructions

    In an effort to widen our knowledge base, heres the instructions you get with the gold valve cartridge emulators from Race Tech. A good product I can reccommend. Not too difficult an operation.
    Race Tech: This may sell a few valves for you, so please dont sue me for copywrite infringement or something.
    Moderator / Admin: make this a 'sticky' if you wish.
    This is the one for Hawks (6 pages total)

    -I'm sorry....I did not know she was your sister.
    -If Buckleys cold mixture went would anybody know????
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    Thank you, it always helps to see some of the manuals yall have for the aftermarket gooddies. Im doing the suspension very soon.....


      Fantastic post. The more of this kind of stuff we can get up on the Forum, the better!
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        Emulators are still the best bang for the buck on damping rod forks together with springs, oil and a careful setup of the kit.

        Just a mild word of warning and forwarding the experiences of Emulator user since these generic instructions were made by Race Tech.

        When drilling the additional holes in the damper rod, it is important to make sure that they are not placed too high up the damper rod as they will go in to the rebound chamber during full compression of the forks and basically remove all rebound damping when you need it most.

        Rebound damping is generated by pushing oil through the two small holes at the top of the damping rod and this oil comes from the space between the inner tube and the damping rod. (see fig 1). There is a seal between the inner tube and the damping rod and this is not shown in fig 1, but it is important to control oil flow through the rebound holes. If the additional compression holes are placed too high up the rod they will overrule this seal.

        So take care in placing the holes, so you don't destroy the damperrods.


          Here's a couple of pics of the rods from when I did my install:

          Before (with the emulator set in place)

          After drilling

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            I think everyone that hasnt done this mod b4 would love to see a full step by step install with pics.
            Visit my webpage for build pics and bike specs and much much more


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