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  • VFR wheel balance adapter

    So, before I mounted the VFR wheel on the Hawk I used the modified spindle as an adapter, which worked great. I knew I had some time before I would need an adapter and I thought about buying the cheapest VFR spindle I could find on eBay and using that. Cheaper than any aftermarket adapter.

    Well my buddy has 2003 VFR and just bought new tires. He was coming over to my shop to mount and balance them. Then I remembered I didn't have an adapter. Told him to come anyway we'll do the front and we can mount the rear and he can ride home (about a mile) and take the wheel off and drop it off at a shop for a balance. Maybe I could find something around the shop to use.

    I had the conical back of the BIG socket used to tighten the Hawk spindle with another smaller socket on the inside, and it was close. Probably doable, but it wasn't a great interface, it wanted to wobble a bit. So I'm digging thru drawers and tool boxes trying different combos. I'm standing next to my bench where some leftover Hawk items are still laid out, drinking my beer and, "what do we have here?"


    It was perfect, like it was made for it. Even has two "sizes" by flipping it over.
    "I couldn't afford NOT to buy it!"