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Drains, vents and sealing tanks

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  • Drains, vents and sealing tanks

    Hello, I have a Hawk tank that is going on my Bros. It needs de-rusting and sealing. I've done a bit of searching and reading on the forum, but am still not sure what the outlet is under the tank, and whether I need to worry about it. I have the fuel tap outlet, and one other (photo attached). Is the other likely to be a vent opening into the tank, or a drain going to the fuel filler area? In either case how do I keep it clear? And if the tank is rusty inside, is it possible the pipe itself will be damaged? The tank isn't at all in good condition, but they're hard to come by in the UK. Thanks.
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    It's a drain. If overfilled fuel will come out the drain and into the drain cup.
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      Thanks. So it's not going to be much of an issue, I guess


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        No, your biggest issue is cleaning and de-rusting the tank. That is detailed many times here on the forum. The biggest headache is getting all the final flushing liquid out of the tank, drying, and immediately filling with clear gas before flash rust can form. I used a heat gun on low to blow through the tank for nearly an hour to get the last water out. Aaaargh!


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          an old cotton t-shirt thrown into the tank will get any water out, and i've used the caswell epoxy fuel tank sealer with excellent results.
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            Stihl leaf blower and a shop vac hose works well to dry it out.

            Citric acid worked well to clean mine out. It didn't have a bunch of rust tho. Just hardened, dried up gas.

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              Citric acid and Evaporust are probably going to be the friendliest and most non destructive methods. There are also some methods using The Works toilet cleaner on youtube (if you search it). Great results I have seen for removing rust, but I would definitely lean towards Caswell, Redkote, or the KBS Coatings kit for sealing the gas tank afterwards. Avoid Kream at all costs, and as others have mentioned, the key take away for a good coating afterwards is to get that tank dry. Good luck with the situation.

              One other thing I might add, is that if your paint is ruined, then perhaps what you can do is farm the trouble out to a radiator shop. If you are looking to have a repaint done they can probably clean and seal/line the tank easily, and then just give it back to you stripped and at that point all you have to do is have it painted. You just might want to have any dents and dings fixed before you hand it off to the radiator shop.
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