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F2 ignition photos request / Swapped modification

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  • F2 ignition photos request / Swapped modification


    There was a post that the F2 ignition was used as a replacement for the stock unit

    Does anyone have photos of the wiring connectors that are on that unit?
    Do you also have a photo of the key?


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    You might go back and ask that person in that post, where-ever it was, rather than starting a whole new post that may not catch their attention
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      should be dirt-simple after comparing wiring diagrams
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        Except that CBRs thru F3 had steel frames... so the steering lock pin could be in the wrong spot.

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          Not so simple . 12/30/22
          I took the ignition unit apart checked continuity of the internal biscuit. The lead from the top of the disk had a line break to the bottom part. Its fixed now


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            Just as an FYI, Wemoto offers a Hawk replacement ignition that I installed on my latest rebuild. Works perfectly, seems to be well made. YMMV...

            Hawk Ignition.jpg
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              wow - Its been that long since I checked back in-

              Yes I went to Wemoto and got a ig set. Good quality , works perfect