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Penske 8983 reservoir nipple orientation

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    Penske 8983 reservoir nipple orientation

    Installing my Penske shock today.

    Question is which direction to mount the shock. Nipple/hose forward or rear? Searching the wealth of post on Penske's it appears that folks mount it w the nipple/hose facing rear. But I have not seen any clear photos showing direction.

    If I mount it rear side it interferes with fuel filter mounting and the res. hose does not lay nicely around frame rails. Factory subframe, cowl etc.

    If nipple mounted on front side it appears to clear everything nicely, with about an inch clearance to exhaust manifold. Since the spark plug leads are even closer, I don't see a problem w heat.

    BTW, there's was still a factory grey plastic sleeve between the two frame protrusions where the blue nipple lies now.

    Reaching out to those with experience for comments.

    install 8983-nipple front or rear1.jpg install 8983-nipple front or rear2.jpg install 8983-nipple front or rear3.jpg
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    Looks more like a 8981 due to the reservoir compression adjuster. Did you buy it new or from someone that had it on a Hawk? Then maybe the seller can help. But in general it doesn't matter which way the hose goes - it is more important that the hose is under as little stress as possible through out the shock stroke and then it is nice if you can also reach the adjuster. So you can go either way, find a location for the reservoir and see how everything else fits, then choose a different location for the reservoir if there is no good feeling first try.

    Penske shocks are usually built to order so actual specs can vary a lot between builds and it is common to take a shock from a different bike and modify it to fit your bike. I have done that with a R1 Penske shock to make it fit a Hawk - but for track use and with Hiperform subframe, so I don't have any pictures of teh Penske on a stock subframe.


      Bought it from another Forum member. You answered my question.

      Thanks JanM.


        Update - my shock will not work with the reservoir nipple facing forward. The fitting for the res. hose contacts the welded tube that spans the across the two frame spars. The fitting needs about 30 degrees of additional rotation to clear the tube. On my shock the fitting cannot be tightened any further to clear and I don't want to lose the N2 charge by messing with it counterclockwise. I turned it around rear with nipple rear facing and rerouted fuel lines and filter.

        Your experience may vary.


          As long as it fits and there is no stress or rubbing, it is fine. Rearward facing hose would be the most common fitment in my experience.


            The usual Penske spec is a 45 deg fitting clocked at around 225 deg. as you face it, shock mounted so the fitting is to the rear, and the reservoir hose oriented to the left of the bike.
            J.D. Hord
            Keeper of Engine Nomenclature, 9th Order


              The shock has the 45 deg fitting and 225 deg position.

              It does rub on the tube frame support in the forward position. Installed in the rear position with reservoir to the left.

              This may help the next person installing the shock.

              Thanks for the information.