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Mothballing a Hawk

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  • Mothballing a Hawk

    I may not be able to ride my Hawk for 4 to 8 years and will mothball it in a garage in San Diego, where it never freezes.
    • Shut off tank, run the gas out of carbs, then open the carb drains to get everything out. I'm going to take the tank off, drain and then vacuum out the remaining gas. Then I'll put in and slosh around some gas with 40:1 premix 2R in it to completely coat the tank, and then drain it, vacuum all the liquid out, and put the tank in the sun for several hours. Then replace on the bike.
    • I flushed the DOT3 2 years ago, so I'll do it again both front and rear. (maybe not necessary?)
    • Pump up the tires to 30psi. I'll replace the tires (and paint the wheels gold) before I ride again. I was going to jack up the front suspension and lift the front wheel, but it's on vinyl tiles and I don't care if it isn't round anymore because I'll replace.
    • Change registration in CA to non-operational.
    • No critter problems, but put mesh over stock intake airbox entry and over exhaust.
    • Disconnect GND from Li-Ion battery after a fully charging it.
    • Wax every surface, including pipes.

    My oil is 2 years old with only 400 miles, but most of that were 3 x 100 mile trips. Recent rides this year were all only 15min. I'll likely let it remain without changing it.

    Any other suggestions?
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    I would do fogging oil (sold for boat engines). Spray the inside of the gas tank and in the cylinders through a spark plug hole.
    Brian - Richland, WA
    1991 Hawk GT


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      I would focus more on flusing brake fluid when you go to ride again. It can collect moisture while sitting regardless of what you do before hand. When you defoc rotate the motor slowly after all the fuel is gone, then fog a little more, through the plugs. Also, do a fresh oil change on it before storage. Sounds absurd, I know, but old oil has contaminants in it that can etch things, also sometimes accumulated moisture. I'm fighting that nightmare right now on a LS block I stored for 2 years. Depending on your exhaust cram some steel wool in the tip if you can. Helps keep bugs and mice from making egress. I would pull the airbox and stuff some in the carb as well but just make a note and leave it hanging off the tank key tab or ignition switch so you or someone else does not forget about it. Same reason. Mice can go in an airbox and depending on the filter its not really going to stop them if there is duct tape of something there. In Texas changing to non-op is as simple as not renewing when it expires and renewing when it comes time to ride again but I guess Commifornia has a convuluted process for everything and penalizes you even if you choose to "opt out" I would also remove the battery completely if possible, if someone else can use it donate it to them or something similar. LiFiPo or similar batteries are known to go up in flames for no reason at all when they expire (or other random times). If its more than a year or so, that might be the time frame needed. As you mentioned off the tires and aired to \operating pressure is best but on the centerstand at least. For some reason being up off the ground realy does preserve tires. It's some weird magic I guess, lol. Coating the gas tank is an option if it is empty but if you do a heavy 2 stroke mix like you're suggesting should only be done with marina fuel or somethimg with no ethanol. Putting it in the sun for several hours will not dry it out enough to leave it dry unfortunately but if drained just pour marvel mystery oil in afterwards, rotate it around to give it a good coating and you should be good to go. MMO is amazing stuff, truly. Seems like you have a solid plan and instead of waxing I would just get a halfway decent/affordable bike cover. Waxing a bike.... I don't even wash mine unless I am riding and it rains on me.
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