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Clutch Basket Removal Why ?

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  • Clutch Basket Removal Why ?

    When replacing the clutch disks (mine stick), why is the clutch basket removed ?
    Is the only reason to check for damage to the basket ?
    Since they are not available new, is it possible to repair them ?

    My Hawk GT has 33k miles and the clutch disks stick together, I may decide to not remove the clutch basket when I replace the disks.
    Is that short sighted ?


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    Repairing them depends on the amount of damage. Usually its the fingers on the plates grinding into the material on the clutch basket and it will catch on the edges and could cause the clutch to hang. If you can look and see no damage then there really is no reason to pull the basket off. If you do see ridges I feel its possible to file them down smooth again by whatever means you choose and although there would be more clearance introduiced into the mechanism, I doubt it would do anything harmful. Maybe on some level it might make some extra noise when workign the the clutch lever, but I'm pretty sure it would be imperceptable, if noticeable at all.
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