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Need advise from Hawk experts concerning a VT500

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  • Need advise from Hawk experts concerning a VT500

    I picked up a 1983 VT 500 Ascot. basically, the granddaddy to the GT. The only reason I’m posting this here is I think there’s great knowledge on this site and the two engines have the same pedigree.
    I also picked up the parts bike that but PO thought the water pump was leaking coolant into the crank case. After thinking about that I realized two seals would have to be leaking and the weep hole plugged for that happen. I pressure tested the water pump 20 psi for a day and it never leaked. With the engine on the bench in the water pump removed I tried pressure testing the cooling system of the engine and heard an air leak. I put the spark plugs in still a leak. I filled it with water from the top and eventually I had water coming out the water pump hole with no pressure applied. My next step is to pull the top end off and see what I can see.
    Maybe the PO put water in it and froze it?
    The PO bought it from another individual who said it didn’t run. He said it fired right up and ran fine, but when he checked the oil, he found emulsion.
    I am interested in what everyone thinks it might be before I pull the heads off. Just a head gasket? A major crack in the cylinder wall? Something else? Anyways, I will keep everyone updated. I’ll post some pics as I go.

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    Both hypothesis seem plausible, now you have the engine on the bench so just drop the heads and you'll know.
    I hope for you it's just a head gasket.