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Questions about screws & aluminum made components

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  • Questions about screws & aluminum made components

    I am about to work on the float bowls on my 1988 NT650. The float bowl screws are original.

    1. Is it a good idea to replace the screws with stainless steel screws ?

    2. Should the threads of SS-screws or standard metal screws be coated with a "lubricant" when attaching to a component made of aluminum ?

    3. If #2 is yes, what is a good "lubricant" to use ?

    4. IF #1 is yes, Where is a good source to buy these screws ?

    Thanks, I enjoy reading this forum.​

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    I have SS screws only because they came with a carb rebuild kit. They are hex head so it is easier to remove than the JIS screws. I don't use anything on them but some anti seize might be a good idea. Never thought about it.
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      Anti-seize. You always use anti-seize on stainless steel. Stainless galls very easily. And it surface hardens under temperatures that you can reach by drilling or even screwing tight fasteners. A galled-up, surface-hardened thread face will shread carbon steel. Aluminum doesn't stand a chance.

      Stainless screws create more problems to solve one.

      If you use them, use anti-seize.

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        Thanks for all the answers. I plan to use the original screws with anti-sieze.... if I ever get the carbs pulled out of the boots.