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    Build #1

    Believe it or not, I actually do own a Hawk, even though I'm rarely seen with one. That's because it's been undergoing a slight makeover for the past 5 years. Unfortunately, I didn't take a lot of detailed pics along the way, but I'm posting what I have so far.

    I bought my first Hawk, a completely stock 88, in rough condition in the summer of 2010, with the intention of customizing it to be more like the Two Brothers racer. I don't have any pictures of it, so you'll have to use your imagination.

    The first thing I looked for was a CBR front end. After a few weeks with no luck, I found an 89 with an 07 1000RR front end but bad motor. It also had a Muzzy slip-on with shortened can, K&N pods, and a Vapor dash. Here's what it looked like:

    hawk sale - Copy.jpg

    I can't remember why, but it wasn't until the spring of 2011 that I had time to work on them. I tried firing up both bikes, but neither would start. Batteries were good and the plugs were sparking, so I knew it had to be the carbs since they both ran fine before being parked (I foolishly forgot to add fuel stabilizer after being spoiled by my fuel injected bikes). I reached out to the forum asking for help from someone in my area to clean and tune the carbs, and ParcNHawk came to the rescue! Once the carbs were cleaned, we ended up trying to diagnose the noises coming from the 89 motor. We fixed two problems:

    Noise from engine:

    Transmission jumping into gear when revved in neutral:

    After all that, there was still a noise coming from the gearbox. So we gave up and completed the swap of the CBR front end, K&N filters, Muzzy exhaust, and Vapor gauges from the 89 to the 88, and then parted out most of the 89 except the motor and carbs over the winter.

    The 2012 season was the first time I got to really ride the bike, and I loved it so much that I stopped thinking about the original plans for customization. It was down on power compared to my 998, but it was such a blast to ride. I brought it to SOWD 2012 where I met NT696 and BlueGT88. Then I took it to Mosport in the medium group where it kicked ass except down the back straight where I was getting passed like I was standing still. It was fun reeling some of those those guys back in on the brakes and through turns 8, 9 and 10. The only problem I had was with the stock headers touching down on turn 5, and on the second-last session, one of them cracked and ended my day. Parc welded it back together and you almost couldn't tell.

    At the end of the summer, another problem came up - a leak in the gas tank. At that point I figured it was as good a time as any to start with the next phase of the build.
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    My Hawk Build:

    Inspired by k-os and gorbrickon, I decided to try using a spare 916 tank in place of my leaking stocker. First, I replaced the rear shock and subframe with a Penske 8900 and Hiperform, then set the tank on top:




    Although I had a complete set of Ducati bodywork to go with the tank, I didn't want to turn my Honda in to a 916 clone, nor did I want it to look like something faster than it actually was. During SOWD, Brent was rebuilding a friend's 2008 CBR125R and had the complete front fairing hanging from the ceiling. Parc and I were looking at it and he said to me - you know, that's really narrow and would probably fit nicely on a Hawk. So I started searching for a set. Like my search for a front end, it was fruitless, then out of the blue I found a complete 2012 model (newer generation) with electrical problems and wouldn't start, so I bought the whole bike. Here's a pic of the mock-up using the CBR headlight with the 916 tank and tail:


    My Hawk Build:


      I fabbed up a front tank mount by hand using a Dremel and a piece of flat aluminum stock. I also drilled and tapped the steering head and attached a spacer to accept the CBR headlight cage at the right height and angle. Sorry, no pics, but this was the result (rear tank mount and tail still in limbo):


      And with the side panels attached:

      My Hawk Build:


        At this point I started questioning whether the 916 tail would suit the CBR front fairing. I was looking for a CBR125R/CBR250R race tail, but kept finding CBR1000RR race tails. So I did a quick and dirty mock-up in MS Paint and came up with this:

        HRC SBK Tail on Hawk.jpg

        Which turned into this:

        My Hawk Build:


          Looking good!


            Thanks Rick. That last shot was a real milestone for the project, and is one of my favorites. A lot of time elapsed between the last two pics while I went back and forth on the design direction, but we eventually got there! Other work that was done: 3" Woodcraft clip-on risers were needed for the controls to clear the fairing, Tyga rearsets were mounted, as well as a complete 916 eccentric hub assembly using some custom machined bushings.
            My Hawk Build:


              I dig it.Looks a lot like the Mito tank......nice vision. Are there steering stop issues with the winged tank? Make sure it's not a thumb-crusher.
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                Thanks Bill. Yeah, the tanks have a similar shape - the 916 and Mito were both Tamburini designs. No thumb crushing, but steering stops on the CBR triple are wider than the Hawk's, so I end up having to do Austin Powers style 30-point turns in tight spaces. I could shave them down, but it doesn't bother me (drives Parc crazy), and I prefer the limited travel for the track anyway.
                My Hawk Build:


                  Tank and tail painted with the same color code as the front fairing:


                  Side panels mocked up:

                  Other stuff:

                  - 17/46 gearing to raise the 520 chain a bit off the swingarm while staying close to the stock ratio
                  - PBI front sprocket had to be slightly ground down to clear the shift shaft
                  - Superlite steel rear (largest aluminium was 45T) mounted on AFAM quick change carrier and titanium cush drive pins
                  - D.I.D. 520 VX2 chain in natural finish (not a fan of gold)
                  My Hawk Build:




                      Like the Tygas.
                      Don't spend money and buy, spend time and learn.


                        AIM MXL dash mounted and wired up for tach, coolant temp, and battery voltage. Deciding where to mount the speed sensor, then oil pressure and idiot lights.I also need a longer brake line so I can route it properly instead of behind the triple, but it works for now.

                        My Hawk Build:


                          More detail on the 916 conversion:

                          916 caliper mounted to frinesi2's underslung brake hanger
                          245 mm Braking Wave rotor for the 848
                          Through-the-swingarm brake line with underside exit


                          Barely visible:
                          - Gino's chain roller
                          - CRF integrated rear master cylinder

                          The OEM 916 chain guard is temporary, until I get the nerve to cut my 916 carbon hugger to fit


                          Here are the bushings I had machined to fit the 916 eccentric, one per side. I later added a 2mm slit by hand to save on costs:

                          My Hawk Build:





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                            My Hawk Build:


                              We need to fine tune the muffler mounting - it's hanging too low and at an angle. First I need it to clear the bottom of the engine, then the two center-stand mounting tabs.

                              My Hawk Build: