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    Crossing over

    New Hawk GT owner here. I have been enjoying my dual sport bike (DRZ-400S) for the past couple years, but its too hard to find places to ride near Detroit. So I bought a nice blue 88 Hawk for a reasonable sum and can't wait for the weather to turn. My roomate in college had a hawk, and I always had fun riding it.

    Mine is bone stock except for the fairing. I don't like the way it looks, but I'm tired of all the wind in my face. The seat is pretty cracked and worn so I am trying to buy a used corbin. Other than that and the sun worn plastics, it looks brand new.

    I'm already looking at replacing the exhaust, front brake, rear shock, and rebuilding the front end. But I think I might ride it for awhile and just enjoy it. Besides, I've too much work to do on my DRZ (routine maintenence) and my 4 wheeler (trashed out LT500R).


    welcome Derek,

    If youre into modding theres plenty experanced members here
    Good to have you
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      Gee willickers Batman, another Hawk in Michigan!!! Welcome. I make a jaunt to Detroit every summer to visit friends on my bike. I may have to give you a bump so as to see that other Hawks do exist.

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        Welcome to the board.

        The modding bug will bite soon, followed closely by the track bug.
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