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    Hello all

    Just found this forum. Looks like a great place to pool our knowledge
    of such a great bike.

    I've had mine for 3 years and it's strictly been used for the track but
    this winter I'll be adding some street lights so I can enjoy it more next

    It's a red '88 with 54 thousand Kilometers. When I bought the bike it
    had the Sharkskinz Hawk/R1 fairing with a twin PIAA headlight street
    setup. The seat and tail section were stock. The frame was polished
    and had been drilled to accept rivets for fairing stays. (a crime!!!) It looked awful.

    My first trackday (@ Mosport) I scraped the bellypan on both sides.
    Very unexpected since I'm a modest rider. I immediately stripped off all
    the aftermarket plastic and mirrors and sold them on Ebay.

    My first mod was fitting braided front brake line. A big difference.

    I then experimented with an F2 front end but prefered the
    look of the stock setup but with Racetech springs and an F2 wheel to
    the full blown twin rotor setup. The single Hawk rotor works just fine
    for my track needs. Simple is better in my opinion.

    Maybe one day I'll do it up right like Rod Holland's on Ohlins.... sweet. But that would be just
    an ego trip on my part since my riding skill certainly doesn't warrant it.

    Speaking of which, I put on his solo tail and sub-frame so I can help
    others with this mod. I like it.

    I have a left side hi-mount exaust that I hope to re-do one day to an
    underseat treatment. It's a mix of Two Brothers and the Hawkconnection

    Other mods.

    CBR900RR shock - resprung with spacer
    Chain roller - also a Hiperform part
    Through the swing arm braided rear brake routing (by yours truly)
    A set of clip ons (dramatically below the top triple clamp - I'm vain)
    Quick release fuel line.

    I have a spare set of 748 fairings that I'm toying with mounting on the
    bird but for now the priority is just trying to get all the mechanicals to
    a point where I'll be happy.

    A real rear shock like a PENSKE is my one wish but that's big bucks.

    It's not perfect but I enjoy it's "work in progress-ness"

    Happy riding to all.

    o.>'o Ride
    '88 NT650 Hawk (Track)
    '01 748 Biposto (Street)
    '02 DR-Z400S (Motard)

    Hey there, welcome to the forums! Sounds like a nice bike. I'll be doing that subframe/tail myself on my race hawk eventually. Was it tough to do? And what did you do with the battery, as I understand it is displaced by the new subframe?
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