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    New to the Forum

    Just a quick hello...

    I'm new to the forum, but I've been subscribed to the List for a few years now - though I've been less than active recently. That's going to change now, as I'm embarking upon my Suspension 2.0 project soon. I have a GSXR front end on the way, and I'm sure that the mounting (to a street bike) will raise plenty of questions.

    I'll have a few questions in the various forums soon, so I'll end my time here.

    Interesting to see a forum, after so many years of the list. I wonder how it'll play out...


    Welcome to the forum. You should take random pics as you do the gsxr front end as you put it on.
    I think the forum will do really well. We are growing pretty fast, I rarely check my hawk mail anymore, and there seems to be more and more posts here on the forums lately. I think as winter comes and everyone starts projects the forums will be a very cool place.


      Bah, fie on winter. Anyways, welcome to the forum!
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        Dangit Alex! I just finished my Duc tail and now you are moving on to suspension - don't post any pics! Your last one cost me a whole winter in the garage trying to catch up . . .
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          Yeah, those Duc-tail hawksters are sadistic bastards, aren't they, teasing us so
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