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    More cannon fodder...

    Hello all!!!

    New to the forums and to the Hawk! I own a Suzuki GS500e that I am in the midst of a rebuild on, and my father recently picked up a Hawk that needs some TLC too.

    The Hawk is currently stored at my place, so I'll post up some pics later on. I'm certain I'll be posting for all sorts of help soon enough, and there's going to be a grocery list of small parts we'll be needing, so hurry in to make money off of my ignorance!!

    Anyway, thanks much to whomever for assembling this lovely little forum, and consider yourselves warned! You'll be answering the same old questions soon enough! (hopefully I remember to search for my answers first tho...)

    in that case..

    heres the service manual... 115Mb.. save it.

    heres the parts fiche...(save it)

    heres the best wiring diagram out there for it: (save it)


      What year is your GS500e?

      I have a GS racebike and ALOT of spare parts if you need em. (CHEAP)
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        Thanks for the links MrDude! It's things like that that will keep me from asking TOO many stupid questions....

        Doc, my GS is a '90, a '91, and a '93. It was originally a complete '90. Got it for $200 from a kid who thought himself to be a stunt rider. The frame was bent and he didn't have a title. So I got a straight frame and title for a '91 on the cheap. Then I opened up the motor off of the '90 and it looked like the kid was pouring water down into the pistons. Things were nasty inside the engine to say the least, so I found a deal on a clean engine off of a '93. All the bits and pieces (plastics, wiring, suspension, etc.) were decent off of the '90, so there you have it.

        Long winded, but thats pretty much the story of my GS...



          -Switch rides with your Dad. Give him the 'zook and keep the Hawk yourself. (Save you from buying another later will like it that much.)

          Ask away, we have all been there at some point.
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            When I went to get my Hawk, the guy has a GS he was trying to push on me instead of buying the Hawk, he had to sell at least one. I knew I wanted a Hawk though, best decision I have made in a long time.
            Most of the pics I have of my Hawk/Mods:

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              The other way around for me. I was there to pick up a frame for the GS, and the guy was trying to push the Hawk on me. This guy had the Hawk crammed into a garrage that was just packed full of crap.

              I didn't have the funds, so I called up my Dad, and we went back to this guy's place two weeks later and picked up ("rescued") the Hawk.