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    newbie in SF, CA


    My roommate had a car accident while riding his Hawk yesterday.

    I'm going to help him rebuild it. We instepcted the bike at the tow-yard today; I'm expecting the tow truck to show up any minute now...

    The damage I know about so far:
    • broken front wheel
    • bent forks
    • broken steering head
    • broken instrument cluster
    • dented gas tank
    • smashed exhaust pipe
    • bent gearshift lever

    (Roommate got a dislocated elbow. )

    I'm thinking about replacing the forks with parts from a CBR600f. This would give better brakes an better suspension. I hope to get some useful information from this newsgroup about what parts will work from other Honda models.

    Now I am sad.

    The bike arrived. I was able to set it up on its centerstand and inspect it thoroughly. There's bustage all over. The exhaust pipe for the back cylinder got folded back and broke part of the exhaust manifold off the cylinder head. Other than that the engine is in good shape. That and the rear swingarm and wheel is about all that's not damaged.

    Next weekend I'm taking it to a scrapyard. ...



      if you ask me your giving up to easy...
      but if you really want to get rid of it.

      do you realize you could get more parting out whats left of it, here or on ebay.
      plus you will keep the hawkgt alive just little bit longer by helping other hawks get back on the road or track.
      scraping the bike would just be a waist of whats left

      what year is it, im looking for a 91 motor and i see your in cali
      1988 & 1991 hawkgt, 2005 rc51


        Thanks for the encouragement. So. Sell off the good parts and scrap the rest? Yeah ... it will recoup some losses, and in the end be cheaper to get rid of the rest.

        Wanna buy the motor? Needs a new cylinder head in the back.


          im willing to talk about it if its a 91
          i actually have an extra rear head sitting around right now.
          i would need to see pictures od the damage to the motor
          1988 & 1991 hawkgt, 2005 rc51


            I agree. There are lots of things (wiring harnesses, bolts, sprockets, etc.) that can be parted out. Lots of folks here need bits and pieces for their Hawks. No sense dumping it all into a scrapyard!
            '89 Hawk GT


              Post some pics! I am sure there is alot more valuable parts than you might think.
              Most of the pics I have of my Hawk/Mods:

              "Arseing about with my bikes will end in tears." -Keno04

              "Dress for the slide, not the ride" - ParcNHawk


                Sorry to hear about your crash. Hate to hear about a hawk and hawker going down. I would think you have a lot of parts you could get some good money for. You can search ebay for the ended "honda hawk gt", "nt650" and get an idea of what stuff selling for. If you end up parting it out, please let me know I still have a list of stuff I need for my hawk, like the ignition switch, gas cap and matching key.


                  I talked with a friend of mine about the exhaust port breakage and he says that makes it junk. Intake could be welded, but exhaust just gets too hot. So we've decided to part it out. We're going to start removing parts that are not repairable and then inventory the rest.

                  Except for the head, that motor is in good shape, and so's the tranny. I shifted it down and up and it made all the right noises. In top gear, I rotated the wheel with the clutch released to rotate the engine (spark plugs out) and it felt and sounded good. I'd much rather sell it in big chunks than in bits and pieces.

                  But you guys easily convinced me to part it out. When roomie got the bike, I fell in love with it: the design is Just So; it has Wa. In doing minor repairs (and correctly redoing the previous owner's minor repairs) I learned that the way to figure out what goes where is to consider what has better Wa. I'd realy hate to just junk such a nice piece of work. So I won't.


                    I'm In San Francisco also... If your parting it out I'd help you take it apart and buy the wire harness from you guys. Give me a PM.. what part of town are you in? Greg


                      parting a bike in SF

                      I'd be interested in any two up seat (stock, corbin, whatever), complete rear sets (either side), and the kick stand. Would also be willing to help with disassembly if you need an extra pair of hands. I'm in SOMA.