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    New Member in Las Vegas

    Hi all,
    I'm brand new to the Hawk and this forum. I picked up an 88 that was in really sad shape, it had been sitting in a shed for over 5 years and was hacked up pretty badly by the previous owner. I've been rebuilding it for the last 2 months with the help of this forum (I've been lurking - thanks for all the great info) and parts from ebay and local ads. Just got it running yesterday afternoon - nothing like the sound of a finely tuned twin. I'll be posting pics as soon as I get another digital camera.

    I'm still looking for a few bits to make it complete:
    Stock Handle bars
    Center stand
    Stock exhaust
    Top Caps/Bolts for the forks (not sure what they are called but they are the ones that screw on the top and hold everything in the forks)

    If anyone has any of these parts and is willing to sell them to me, please PM me with prices including shipping to Las Vegas, NV 89117. I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks again.

    Welcome to the forums! A couple months ago I would have had almost all the things you need. I am sure someone will have the little parts you need soon enough. Im glad you decided to join up!
    I was just in vegas a couple weeks ago, it was starting to get a little hot..hehe