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Pennsylvanian becomes a Hawk Owner....Well Temporarily

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    Pennsylvanian becomes a Hawk Owner....Well Temporarily

    Hello All, Joe here from PA. Just bought an 89 Hawk tonight and after a little searching found this site. Thought I'd ring in and maybe find a little advice on a few things I got to do to my new acquisition. I got a nice hawk that suffers from sitting in a garage for too many years. I just ordered a kit of Kreem to clean/coat the tank, and I am expecting to have to work on the carbs as well....will know better after tomorrow. Very looking design for a bike. This one needs very little, a tail lens and a clutch lever from falling in the garage.....only has 4,950 miles on it. I probably (not totally sure) but will be selling it after it gets a going over. My son has his eye on it, but it was purchased with the idea to resell it.

    Any good place to get some parts...the lens and lever....and any ideas on a carb rebuild kit if I need a couple? Thanks, Joe

    Welcome. After you get that hawk going, it will be harder to let go.

    New parts:

    I like dealing with JD Hord of Helpful tips and all around good guy.

    For the carbs, if you are lucky you might get away with only bowl gaskets, but the other gaskets and air cutoff valves you will want to check too. Intake manifolds ( rubber ) get hard and crunchy too.

    Also if you haven't found it yet, a PDF of the service manual is here

    You could also put a WTB in the "Buy, Sell, and Trade" on here, several guys have parts. Doc is parting out an entire bike and may have some stuff too. Ebay is the other obvious option. I see clutch levers on there a good bit.


      let us know how much you want for it too
      A Link to the pics I have taken for the 2007 Scavenger hunt.